Number of students supervised/guided

1. Undergraduate students: 9

Ms. Sun Qinghe (NTU Singapore, currently pursuing URECA)

Mr. Chen Hui Lee (NTU Singapore, Intern at Rolls-Royce Ltd, currently in ST Kinetics)

Mr. Swaroop Sriram (NTU Singapore, currently in HUL Singapore)

Ms. Xu Xiaoqian (NTU Singapore)

Mr. Nikilesh Kumar (BITS Goa)

Mr. Vishal Jain (BITS Goa)

Mr. Harsha Kurugodu (IIT Guwahati)

Ms. Nisha Gupta (NIT Rourkela)

Ms. T. Sen (VIT, MSC Computer science)

2. Post graduate: 5

Mr. Shrutidhara Sarma (IIT Guwahati)

Mr. Biranchi Panda (IST Portugal)

Mr. Ayush Raizada (BITS Goa)

Ms. Kalpana Shankhwar (IIT Guwahati)

Mr. Chinmay Mohanty (NIT Rourkela)

Projects Supervised/Guided for UG/PG students (Academics and Industry,Completed)

Project details are given below:

(1)  Environmental and Manufacturing Assessment of 3-D printing process using the soft computing methods.

Students name:Biranchi Panda, Xu Xiaoqian

Affiliation: Academics, NTU Singapore and NIT Rourkela

1,1 Developed laser power based open porosity and wear depth predictive model of part fabricated using 3-D Printing process

1.2 Model was further analyzed and dominant input parameters and hidden non-linear relationships were unveiled.

(2)  Condition Monitoring of Lathe System using new evolutionary approach.

Students name:Nikilesh Kumar, Vishal Jain

Affiliation: Academics, NTU Singapore and BITS Goa

2.1 Developed predictive models for vibro-acoustic monitoring of the lathe system.

2.2 Generalization of genetic programming was improved using classification strategies and SRM fitness function.

(3)  Role of fitness functions for Genetic Programming in Modeling of Time series systems.

Student name:Swaroop Sriram

Affiliation: Academics, NTU Singapore

3.1 Empirical analysis of various fitness functions such as AIC, BIC, FPE, etc to study their effect on performance of genetic programming models.

3.2 Development of new fitness function to improve the search efficiency in GP.

(4)  System Identification using Genetic Programming.

Student name:Chen Hui Lee

Affiliation: Industry, Rolls-Royce

4.1 Developed graphical user interface (GUI) for implementing genetic programming in a user friendly manner.

4.2 The project aims at eliminating vital issues such as generalization in the field of genetic programming so as to evolve the optimal models for the robust optimization of the process

4.3 The important process parameter settings of the machine that enables time and cost optimization are obtained